Explore your Subconscious  

First Test

This is a very simple test to see if your subconscious can count things without your knowledge and communicate the result to your conscious self.

Since we don't know the answer to that question we have included a number of variables that you can tweek.

We simply show you a number of dots and ask you to count them. At first you should set the Display Time to a largish number (say 5 or 6 seconds) - this will allow your conscious (and subconscious) to get used to the task. The timer and number of points should be set to levels that allow you to easily count the dots.

Once you have achieved a consistent 100% score, you can turn down the timer to a level were you are unable to count all the dots before they disappear. Then we will see how well your subconscious is working, just guess the number of dots.

Begin the Test!

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